Hurricane Tracks Per Month
June July August
September October November
Hurricane Births Per Week
The figures below show the points of tropical cyclone genesis by 10-day periods during the hurricane season. These figures depict named storms only; no subtropical storms or unnamed storms.
May 10th - May 20th May 21st - May 31st June 1st - June 10th
June 11th - June 20th June 21st - June 30th July 1st - July 10th
July 11th - July 20th July 21st - July 31st August 1st - August 10th
August 11th - August 20th August 21st - August 31st September 1st - September 10th
September 11th - September 20th September 21st - September 30th October 1st - October 10th
October 11th - October 20th October 21st - October 31st November 1st - November 10th
November 11th - November 20th November 21st - November 30th